I'm Gaby

I am Gabriela and I am very proud of this beautiful city and happy to share my knowledge with travelers from around the world.

I love Granada, the ancient history and legends, its changing landscape, full of mountains, forests and streams.

What I like best is that I can share my feelings about Granada and engage with all those who always want new experiences and thus enrich their restless spirits.

You’ll need a local person to show this wonderful city and will be like a inhabitant of Granada enjoying tapas at the most local neighborhood.

Principles of Our Work

  • Passion and energy in what we do.
  • Continuous updating of knowledge about Granada’s history, gastronomy and art.
  • Special attention in entertaining travelers and providing a high level of customer service.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to schedule, activities and meeting place with our customers.

Our qualities


Would you like to make a very special trip around Granada?

Don’t doubt it. I’m the person you need. Together we will enjoy Granada, its people and its gastronomy. It is the necessary experience to remember this city forever.
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