Come, visit & enjoy Granada without missing a thing!

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The City

Spain has singularities that make it unique and special, but for me there is no other like GRANADA, for the sinuosity of its narrow streets and neighborhoods, the majestic and almost heavenly presence of the Sierra Nevada, the sensual magic of his vibrant nights. What I like the most is that I can share these feelings and engage with all those who always want new experiences and thus enrich their restless spirits.

The Gastronomy

Granada is not just a historical city where sightseeing… It is the homeland of TAPAS! One of the best ways of getting to know a new culture is through its food. Are you a foody?.. Yes, of course you are! Let’s “go for tapas” and feel like local, not a tourist… Really experience Granada through local eyes, sample what the city is all about through its food. You’ll need a local person to show you and will be like a inhabitant of Granada enjoying tapas at the most local neighborhood.

The People

Granada is a city that falls in love with it, and for centuries Granada has been a cosmopolitan city with a great history. People from all corners of the world come to visit and decide to stay and live for their modern and traditional character at the same time.
Granada is home to one of the oldest universities in Spain. Thousands of students give it a youthful atmosphere that is noticeable in its streets.
Mix with his people. You’ll also fall in love with her!

“Granada seems to specialize in evocative history and good living. Settle down in the old center and explore monuments of the Moorish civilization  and its conquest. Taste the treats of a North African-flavored culture that survives here today. This city has much to see, yet it reveals itself in unpredictable ways; it takes a poet to sort through and assemble the jumbled sharts of Granada. Peer through the intricate lattice of Moorish window.
Hear water burbling unssen among the labyrinthine hedges of the Generalife Gardens. Lisen to a flute trilling deep in he swirl of alleys around the Cathedral.
Rick Steves

Meet Gaby

tripadvisor-granada-tours“I love Granada, the ancient history and legends, its changing landscape, full of mountains, forests and streams…”

I am Gabriela your Official Licensed Tour Guide in Granada and I feel so proud of this beautiful city and happy to share my knowledge with travelers from around the world. I love Granada, the ancient history and legends, its changing landscape, full of mountains, forests and streams.

I’m an energetic professional with ten years experience informing and guiding Granada’s many visitors. I have a natural talent for entertaining travelers and delivering a high level of customer service. With an extensive knowledge of history, gastronomy and arts. I studied and trained to receive my degree in Tourism in 1993. I have several years of experience touring travelers in Latinamerica and Europe.

As your private tour guide, I’m flexible and adapt to your schedule, activities and meeting place .

Please let me know about any special request you have. Come and enjoy your visit without missing a thing!



There is nothing I like more than walking around Granada, have breakfast in the Albaicin and then follow my visit to the city center, stop for shopping and suddenly enter in a bar for sample new tapas at some little hidden place. That’s Granada, in a moment you would feel you’re in a bazaar in the Middle East and then in 5 minutes back to Europe. Let’s to take a walk around its narrow streets , tea shops, hills and tucked-away spots reminiscence of north Africa and old Mediterranean towns or visit the beautiful white washed villages in Alpujarra, Sierra Nevada mountains.

Come to LIVE Granada like a GRANADINO!


Going to Alhambra?

Half Day Private Tour!

Have you been dreaming of visiting the Alhambra for a long time? Are you interested in visiting the top sight in Spain? Have you probably heard or read how hard it is to get tickets. Do you need someone to help you organize the visit, buy the tickets and forget about so much stress?
My years of experience have taught me to offer well-planned logistics and a good sense of the group’s needs, which can be easily adapted to them. As your private tour guide I have learned to be a mix of the traditional ones that knows everything about the Alhambra history and an expert that can also show you hidden corners and details not strictly-touristy.
The Alhambra Palace has been the main symbol of Granada for eight centuries. Labyrinths, channels, pools, courtyards and gardens seem to arise naturally, but the real luxury is the water, the perfume, the greenness and the silence. . .

Get ready to walk and talk a lot!

Alhambra and Granada City Center Private tour

Have you heard about Alhambra sights and can’t wait to see them? Are you aware there are lots of details and stories there you are likely to miss unless there’s someone there to point them out for you? Do you get bored listening to audioguides full of fillers that never go straight to the point? Do you hate joining a large group of other visitors on a site tour and not being able to make all the questions you have? Are you all for skipping (very long) lines?

As your private tour guide I can tell the wonders you’ll see in the Alhambra, I’ve seen many times, but that you can see in videos or books for yourself. What I would like is to show you what it FEELS when you visit this amazing place and you can feel the same what I feel every time I visit: an intense emotion, the heart beats more quickly.



All inclusive Alhambra and Food Private Tour

Are you a foodie? Do you love culture and history but you don’t have time enough to search good tapas bars and then run to be on time at the Alhambra? What about vsiting those places with a local that knows her way around is always more fun (and efficient!) than going on your own?

I am passionate about Granada, is my place in the world (as we say in Spain) and the Alhambra my perfect office job! But Granada is much more than the Alhambra. . . is also the city and its bars and tascas. I LOVE TAPAS!

After visiting the Nasrid Palaces and Generalife we will downhill through the woods of the Alhambra to sample TAPAS!

Are you ready to order things you’d never dared ordering on your own (and love them! Are you ready to experience what tapas really are?

Do you need something else to be HAPPY?

Private Alhambra

full day tour

The Alhambra Palace has been the main symbol of Granada for eight centuries. Labyrinths, channels, pools, courtyards and gardens seem to arise naturally, but the real luxury is the water, the perfume, the greenness and the silence. . .
One of the monuments with more soul in the world, whose rough stone keeps in its most sublime inner beauty. Alhambra exhibits the country’s most significant and well-known Islamic architecture and garden interventions. The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
alhambra complex

Private Granada

Walking Tour

Discover Granada, one of the most important cities in Europe during the middle ages.
Walk through narrow street where just one person fit, balconies full of flowers, many old “Aljibes” (Old water Cisterns), a new mosque with the charming of the old ones…

Granada Tapas

and Wine Tour

Do you know how the “spanish TAPAS ritual” works??

We go from bar to bar drinking and tasting new tapas.

Tapas started as a bite to go with your drink, but they have evolved into a whole way of eating, a culture of food in itself. More than a type of food in special, it’s about finger food or small portions to share with your friends and family. And since a varity of tapas is ordered, it’s the perfect way to taste many different specialties and enjoy the wealth of the local cooking.
I’d like to invite you to enjoy the experience of “ir de tapas”, as granainos do.

Get away from the touristic spots and head into local neighborhoods. I will introduce you to local gastronomic specialties, anecdotes of the city’s history and LOCAL way of life. I will go with you into 3 different tapas bars, choosing them depending on your taste, requirements and preferences.

It’s an ALL INCLUSIVE tour where you are going to love eating delicious tapas and really appreciate drinking fine wines. ARE YOU GOING TO MISS IT?

“If we were to visit only one city in Spain, that would be Granada”

Ernest Hemingway

“Every curious traveller keeps Granada in his heart, even without having visited it “.

William Shakespeare.


Featured in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine

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